“The Truth About Art & Business”

by | Aug 10, 2019 | Artist Advice

Earlier this year, Jackie Lam interviewed me for The Truth About Art & Business, Pt 1 for Twine.com. I really enjoyed chatting with Jackie and wanted to share the link to her article. Here’s a link to her Part 2 with L.A.-based artist Matt Gondek.

It’s always a pleasure to share what I can on managing an art career. I know finances can be a daunting subject for artists, having to monetize their talent and establish its market value. But as I say, if you want to succeed as an artist you need to treat your career as a business. And it is more intuitive than one thinks. Pragmatism + good common sense can make all the difference without sacrificing any of the romance of being an artist.

There are a lot of resources out there for artists to learn how to run their art careers are a business and best manage their finances. The Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles, offers workshops on the subject (plus many other valuable professional development classes). They are a great support and resource for artists.


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