New artist fave (and others I love)

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Artist Nod

I seem to be very attracted to heads. Or maybe it’s faces. Faces on heads. I have fun this-and-that little heads, like the bearded guy that hangs next to a drawing of a bearded guy (with a body) by the lovely Anne Austin Pearce). And I noticed that there’s a rocks-with-faces theme emerging in my life. I inherited a few antique Santos heads and I’ve contemporized my vibe with pieces like “Small Jug Head” by Jesse Edwards.

All this leads to my latest piece, Stilly, by British ceramicist Claire Loder. I saw her work via a show announcement from Hey There Projects in Joshua Tree (co-run by another great artist, Aaron Smith. More faces! More bearded guy!). I just love Claire’s work. There’s something so refreshingly sweet and tender about it. Like delightful little respites from a world gone mad. Every time I look at the piece, I sigh Awh and smile. Be Stilly my heart.


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