Jason Jones – altered thrift store

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Artist Nod

Whenever I am in Fayetteville, AR, which became a monthly duty this year, I enjoy popping by The Mustache Goods and Wears (think Archie McPhee meets groovy Silverlake boutique) loocated in one of the charming downtown square’s historic buildings. I giggle over their cheeky trinkets but really get my laugh on when I get to the prints and postcards by local artist Jason Jones. Jones takes found thrift store art and inserts benevolent Big Foots, malicious robots and menacing muppets, or adds subversive mischief to an otherwise sentimental portrait. It’s like a distant cousin to Wayne White’s found art interventions and makes for good low brow fun (but certainly not everyone’s cup of tea). Apparently he has a great studio (learned from chatting with Mustache’s hip and handsome proprietor) and I hope to one day knock on his door for a (prearranged) studio visit. Seeing his work always makes me feel a little more at home in my parents’ adopted city.


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