An Introduction

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Four months into my relocation to Seattle, I started the what’s next dialogue with myself. I was getting itchy for my personal 2.0. Life as I knew it had drastically changed and I was not quite recovered, but healing, from my losses in 2020. Like all of us. But it was time to change the narrative.

I am a dreamer by nature. I go big or I go home. And gratefully I am also pretty good at the manifestation part of the equation. So I considered what I love – art, humans, creating positive experiences, helping people. And surveying my professional life to date, those passions had taken many forms – curating, community development, event production, and my work with visual artists. 

What if I could roll all my passions and penchants into one job? Something that I could call my own and meld into my work with McLean Art Projects?

I’d like to now introduce you to AMcE Creative Arts. On June 12, 2021, I will be opening my brick-and-mortar, dream-come-true gallery and cultural and community space. Huzzah! 

back to front (other view is pretty, too)

About: AMcE Creative Arts is a community gathering place dedicated to sharing and growing ideas and experiences through fine art exhibitions, interactive and cultural and exchange, arts education and community events. With an emphasis on creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, AMcE’s programing includes rotating art exhibitions, art workshops for adults, kids and families, talks with artists and arts educators, and partnerships with area nonprofits. Additionally, AMcE supports the artist community through professional development workshops and dialogues with established artists and arts professionals. 

Neat, right? 

The timeline has been fast and furious. Which is generally how I roll. Three months after signing the lease on my lovely space in a ridiculously charming part of Capitol Hill, I will open AMcE’s doors with a solo show by the glorious Anne Austin Pearce. I met Anne when I curated a show University of MO, Kansas City. Artist Barry Anderson, my gracious host, took me on artist studio visits while I was there and I fell in love with several of them. Ms. Anne being one.  

Anne Austin Pearce, Path, Hanged Shafts of Light, 2020 Acrylic, inks, collage on paper, 44″ x 44″ framed

I am also pleased as punch to be offering works by Mark ToddEsther Pearl WatsonMartha RichSophia AllisonKatie McCann among others in AMcE’s Niche Market, which showcases local and national artists and makers. And we can’t wait until we start hosting events! (And when I say “we” I include Sylvie Doray, my darling AMcE co-pilot.) 

The show line-up is spectacular, if I do say so myself. Just thrilled. And the artists (with more forthcoming) are generous, in addition to talented, to provide me the honor of this collaboration. And it’s amazing how much I have learned in this process. Way (way) to much to share in a blog post. But if you want to start a small business in three months, I am your gal. If you want to book a year’s worth of art programing in a month, drop me a line. And if you want to have an incredible time doing it (between the horrors of municipal permitting and 800 legal filings), remember the end game – creating joy that you can share. 

Please join me in my new adventure – sign up for AMcE’s emails (on the AMcE website, not here), drop by if you are in the hood, or spy on us on social media. We are here for you. And it’s going to be great. Promise.  


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